Vanderbilt Chancellors Scholarship Essay Contests

Chancellor's Scholars

Mission and History

Chancellor Joe B. Wyatt initiated the Chancellor's Scholars in 1985 to recognize students with outstanding leadership, strength of character, academic achievement, and a deep-seated commitment to diversity and social justice. Chancellor's Scholars have worked to build strong high school communities by bridging gaps among economically, socially, and racially diverse groups and have demonstrated significant interest in issues of diversity education, tolerance, and social justice. Chancellor's Scholars are expected to build upon these earlier commitments through continued active engagement in academic and leadership opportunities at Vanderbilt. The program is funded with gifts from alumni, faculty, staff, students, corporations, and friends.

Scholarship Benefits

Chancellor's Scholars receive full tuition, plus a one-time summer stipend for an immersive experience following the sophomore or junior year. Vanderbilt will provide additional need-based financial aid to those Chancellor's Scholarship recipients whose demonstrated financial need exceeds the amount of full tuition. Scholarships are renewed each year as long as the recipient maintains at least a 3.0 GPA.

Application and Selection

The Chancellor's Scholarship application is strongly encouraged; preference is given to those who apply. Applicants apply via MyAppVU after submitting admission application. Chancellor 's Scholars are selected on the basis of commitment to diversity, leadership, strength of character, and academic achievement. Strong candidates are intellectually curious and able to articulate their ideas clearly. In evaluating candidates, the selection committee reviews the Chancellor's Scholarship application along with the entire application for freshman admission.

Scholarship Criteria

To be considered for the Ingram Scholarship Program, applicants must submit these required forms from the Vanderbilt Application Packet for Merit-Based Scholarships: the Student Information Form and the Ingram Scholarship Program Application. Ingram Scholars are selected on the basis of commitment to community engagement, strength of personal character, and leadership potential. In evaluating candidates, the selection committee reviews academic records, scholarship application essays, service records, and two letters of recommendation. Ingram Scholar Finalists are also required to interview on campus with the selection committee.

Requirements for the Ingram Scholarship Program

Scholarship Questions and Answers

Separate application required?

Award must be repaid?

Award is renewable?
Yes. Scholarships are renewable annually through the senior year contingent on the maintenance of a 3.0 minimum GPA and fulfillment of service-related requirements.

Award is granted yearly?

How much is this scholarship worth?

The Ingram Scholarship Program gives at least $39524 to eligible students, but grants around $39524 on average. Try our Scholarship Search for more scholarships of this type.

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