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Ok, here I am providing you the syllabus of Induction Course of Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.) of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU).

KKHSOU D.El.Ed Induction Course Syllabus-

Philosophical and PsychologicalUnderstanding of

Unit 1: Philosophical Understanding of Education
• Concept of education
• Education and Schooling
• Education and Schooling as visualized by some eminent Indian thinkers -Gandhi,
Tagore, SwamiVivekananda, Radhakrishnan

Unit 2: Aims of Education
• Meaning, types and determinants of aims of education
• Aims of education with respect to major schools of philosophy

Unit 3: Understanding the Child
• Meaning of Growth and Development
• Relationship of Growth and Development
• Principles of Development
• Educational importance of early childhood and later childhood years
• Educational importance of Drive, Motivation, Instinct and Emotion

Unit 4: Children as Diverse Learners
• Concept of Individual Difference
• Areas of Individual Difference
• Nature Vs. Nurture Controversy
• Childhood in a Modern State

B. Teacher as a Facilitator

Unit 1: Teacher and Society
• Concept of Teaching and its relationship with learning
• Role of teachers in society
• Need for professional development of teachers,RTE 2009
• Teaching as a profession, its autonomy and accountability

UNIT 2: Designing Learning Experiences
• Planning a unit and a lesson
• Individualized attention
• Altering activities to meet different needs of children

UNIT 3: Reflection on role of teachers
• Teacher as a Manager, Communicator and Problem Solver
• Classroom managementand Time planning
• Criteria for choosing technology for teaching-learning
• Necessity of effective communication between parents and teachers

Unit 4: Teaching Skills
• Teaching and Learning
• Teachers and Teaching Skills
• Types of teaching skills

UNIT 5: Assessment and Evaluation
• Meaning and Concept of Evaluation
• Tools for Evaluation
• Evaluation of Scholastic and Non-Scholastic Aspects
• Reforms in Evaluation

KKHSOU D.El.Ed Induction Course Syllabus


Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University
Housefed Office Complex, Guwahati-Shillong Road, Dispur, Guwahati, Assam 781006

After writing a long guide on kkhsou assignment, here is the final article on kkhsou assignment answers 2017.

Assignments are the main parts of KK Handiqui Open University. You have to collect the assignments from the website and write meaningful and buitiful answers to the questions.

Assignment answers should be written as per the guidelines of the university. I will tell you everything about kkhsou assignments answer here.

All the students who are studying on KKSHOU are searching for kkhsou home assignment answers 2017 on google. But almighty google is also unable to satisfy the students to teach how to write a good assignment.

I am here to answer your question. Please read this article till the end to learn all the techniques for kkhsou assignment answers 2017. I have already write a guide on how to write Nios Deled assignment by the teachers.

Because, after Swayam Registration, the main headache of the candidates is to download assignment answers.

Download kkhsou home assignment answers 2017 and write your own answers.

kkhsou Assignment Answers 2017:

Assignments are parts of teaching-learning process and compulsory. See Job in Assam this week.

The spirit behind this is to help learners to understand the subject and prepare themselves better for the term-end examination.

Assignment responses are to be evaluated and feedback are required to be communicated to the learners. The study centers will give back the assignments with evaluators comments. These assignments will again be collected at the time of issuing admit cards.

Krishna Kanta Handiqui Open University has some guidelines to write the answers to the home assignment questions. Also read facts about Dibrugarh University Distance Education.

You should strictly follow the guidelines. Otherwise your kkhsou home assignment will be rejected by the authorities.

A. Guidelines to Co-ordinators:

  1. Assignment marks are to be sent to the Controller of Examinations as soon as the examination routines are published.
  2. Keeping the above points in mind Co-ordinators will fix the time/date of submission of assignments by the learners as may be convenient to follow the guidelines in true spirits.


B. Guidelines to learners :

As soon as the SLMs are received the learners will write the assignments in their own handwriting. No other means of writing ia acceptable here.

You may collect the kkhsou assignment questions from the website. After writing the answers, submit the copy to the Co-ordinators. Submit your response within the last date to your study center.

It is important to submit the assignments at the Study Centres as early as possible. This will help in quick processing of your results. Otherwise this will create unnecessary delay in declaration of results.

How to Submit kkhsou assignment answers:

I have already said that you should submit your assignment responses to your kkhsou study center.

When submitting the assignment answers, you will have to collect receipt of the assignment. The collector of study center will give a receipt with the signature and seal on it.

You will have to keep the receipt with you till the declaration of result.

Here is the sample of the receipt:


Received the assignment from Mr/Ms ……………………………
Enrollment number ………………….. of B.A. English GEG S1 01(1st Semester) titled Foundation Course in English on …………………….. 2017.
Date :

Signature of collector with seal


Tips to Write kkhsou assignment answers:

Writing Assignment is a tough work. You will get an idea how to write good assignment for your study course here.

Though you can write the assignments at your home, you should think twice before answering the questions.

The questions may look very easy, but you should not write the answers immediately.

  1. Before writing, plan the concept and map it on a paper
  2. Now plan the paragraphs. Write every paragraphs keeping in mind the main topic of the answer. Each paragraph should have a link between them.
  3. A good assignment have an introduction,a body and a conclusion. So, always try to map your writing in this shape.

Also keep in mind the word count of an answer. Generally, you should write 1000 words for 20 marks and 500 words for 10 marks. Verify this data with the question paper of kkhsou assignment answers 2017.

After revising the answers you can write them on the paper for submission.

Please share this wonderful guide with your friends.

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