Wt Woodson Summer Assignments Herndon

We will meet in the band room prior to departure.
5:30 Uniform closet opens
6:00 Meet at WTW, Dressed
6:30 Depart WTW
7:15 Arrive at Centreville HS
7:45 Warm Up Begins
8:30 Performance Time
9:00 Sight-Reading Time
9:30 Pack Up, Load Buses
10:00 Arrive at WTW, Dismiss

Students should eat before they arrive. The Band Room will stay open after school for students unable to go home. The Uniform racks will be available that morning for uniform drop-off for those that would like to change at Woodson.

Please make sure you have your entire uniform accounted for before the day of the event. This includes footwear, bowties, and pearls. Every student was issued these items last semester. Please notify Mr. Morgan is you are missing uniform parts so we can get those parts out to students before the event. Review previous uniform procedures. If you have any uniform related issues, resolve them before your report time.

***It is strongly encouraged that parents attend the performance and take their student home directly from Centreville HS. Bus transport is available back to Woodson if needed. Students should bring all of their belongings to Centreville if they are riding home with a parent. Parents should check with a chaperone before taking their student home for attendance purposes. Students may only leave with a parent if a note has been provided ahead of time. **

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