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My friends would tell you I’m about as mentally healthy a person as they know, but I have to confess a secret they haven't guessed.  There’s a tiny masochist in me that comes out and sits on my shoulder and makes me look at all the fantastic mid-century items on craigslist around the country…things that are too far away and too expensive to have shipped to Texas...things that other people can have, but I can't. 

Since misery loves company, I’m going to share these finds with you.  If you’re lucky, I might have uncovered something near you.  If not, you’ll suffer right along with me.  And just to be sure, I’m going to include some items from the Dallas-Fort Worth area that I can get to. 

Read 'em and weep. :)

Broyhill Brasilia bookcase
Seattle craigslist

Eero Saarinen marble tulip table
Nashville craigslist

Paul McCobb Planner Group chairs
Denver craigslist

Mies Brno chairs
Philadelphia craigslist

Edward Wormley Drexel Precedent chest
(This piece is being sold by a dealer
 I've bought from so often that I consider him a friend  now.)
Dallas craiglist

Warren Platner lounge set
(So near, and yet so far...
This set is just a few streets from me in my own neighborhood...
but the seller wants over $15,000 for the set.)
Fort Worth craigslist

 Adrian Pearsall chair
(Still out of reach, unless I put it on layaway...
The asking price is $2500 for this chair.)
Dallas craigslist
From time to time, I cruise Craigslist to see what kind of bargains are out there for the taking all around the country. Sometimes I'm amazed at the prices I find. A layer of foam to fill out stretched upholstery, a quick steam cleaning, a coat of paint, a rubdown with Restor-a-Finish or vinegar or just a gentle hand wash, and these pieces will look great. (We should probably tell them that they could ask more if they'd clean them up and take better pictures...but, nah...we'll take their "junk" off their hands and clean them up ourselves.)

Danish rolltop desk - $95 - Albuquerque, NM
Kroehler sectional - $250 - Albuquerque, NM
Tropitan rattan set - $150 - Albuquerque, NM
Danish lounge chair - $50 - Austin, TX
Pair of bullet planters - $60 - Austin, TX
Arc lamp - $25 - Dallas, TX
Jens Risom credenza - $180 - Dallas, TX
Tiki bar - $20 - Dallas, TX
Pink and silver Sascha Brastoff dish - $20 - Dallas, TX
Milo Baughman chair (with tags) - $99 - Denver, CO
Bench - $50 - Denver, CO
Sofa - $150 - Denver, CO
Danish sofa - $200 - Los Angeles, CA
Hanging ceramic clock - $85 obo - Los Angeles, CA
Chrome chandelier - $49 - Palm Springs, CA

Update: Here's a picture of the Milo Baughman chair in our store, after a little TLC...and a long trip to Dallas from Denver.

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