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You will study the theoretical framework of media - genre, representation, audience, institutions, narrative and language - through critical analysis of media texts and practical production work.
Through the analysis of both contemporary, global and historical media you will appreciate how important the media is in our lives, both as consumers and producers.
Throughout the course you will study nine (9) media forms: television, film, radio, newspaper, magazine, advertising & marketing, online, social & participatory media, video games and music videos.
You will also create a media product, developing practical production skills and using contemporary media technologies. You will be supported by experienced staff and have use of high quality DSLR cameras, Adobe Creative Cloud software, and access to a TV studio.
You are likely to well in this subject if you are interested in the media, not just for their content, but also for the organization/institution and meanings behind them. You will also need to be creative and well-organised to complete your practical work.
Media Studies can be taken with any other subject, but students often choose to combine it with English, Film, Art, Photography, Textiles, Sociology, History, Business Studies, Drama and Psychology.

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