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Why Corporal Punishment Should Be Banned

Corporal punishment should be banned since numerous studies have proved that when pain is inflicted on an individual, it does not necessarily change his or her behavior. Corporal punishment has over the years been used at home and in school as a means of influencing behavioral change among young people. At home, parents tend to punish their children, especially when their behavior is deemed as arrogant or when they engage in naughty activities. In addition, teachers have used corporal punishment in schools to influence behavioral change among students and also influence them to work hard in their academics. However, evidence reveals that corporate punishment is a form of violence which has little influence in motivating positive change and it may even lead to rebellion both at home and in school.

Corporal punishment has been banned in different countries since evidence has shown that it may in fact impact negatively on positive development of young people. There are different forms of corporal punishment, including slapping, pinching, or beating using different objects such as sticks, belts, and so on. It is important to note that any method that is used to inflict pain on another person can promote violence, especially when the victim resists or defends himself. Furthermore, corporal punishment and any other form of violence have been prohibited in various schools in America since authorities regard it as illegal. Prohibition of corporal punishment was first implemented in numerous private schools, with the policy also being implemented in homes where parents are asked to utilize other methods of instilling positive behavior on their children. There are alternatives to corporal punishment that have been recommended by psychologists, and which parents should always follow in order to instill discipline among their children.

Research studies have argued that children tend to learn when they imitate the behaviors of their elders. This implies that parents, teachers and other adults act as important role models who influence the kind of behaviors that are adopted by children. Therefore, when children are exposed to corporal punishment or any other of form of violence, they may end up using violent tendencies against their colleagues. It is evident that the main aim of elders is to bring up children who are respectful, trustworthy, and people of integrity. Therefore, corporate punishment should not be used as a rationale of developing good behavior since it can have negative repercussions, including low self-esteem and increasing the risk of depression and even suicide. Scholars are of the opinion that corporal punishment tends to affect children differently, but the negative results usually outweigh the positive factors.

Another important consideration is the fact that corporal punishment does not have any direct relationship with educational curriculum and it should therefore not be used as part of disciplinary method in schools. What this simply means is that corporal punishment does not add any educational value to young people. Therefore, teachers should use other useful means of instilling discipline instead of punishments that have a negative physical consequence. Teachers should also collaborate with parents, especially when the behavior of a child is deemed to be irreparable and beyond the standards of the learning institution. It is from this perspective where children can be exposed to success stories of individuals who were respectful and pay attention to their leaders since discipline can be taught as one of the most effective examples of success. All forms of corporal punishments have been opposed by numerous professional associations since there are more efficient techniques of instilling discipline instead of beating people.

  • It should not be a teachers job

    It is not a teachers job to discipline kids it is the parents. The children feel abused because their getting spanked by people they are not attached to. Being punished by your actual family is more effective. And some teachers abuse their right to do corporal punishment. Parents do not know what they are doing in the classroom. And it is not effective because the children will not show respect they will show fear. Corporal punishment can also lead to resentment to the parents. Which of course is not good. It can lead to rebellion and character change in child over time

  • School is supposed to prepare you for the real world

    Well that's the general rule of thumb. And abuse is not accepted as such 'in the real world'. Yeah it's used, but not legally. If someone does something wrong outside of school, you can't just hit them. I believe that violence should not be accepted, encouraged or tolerated, especially in a 'safe' school environment.

  • Corporal punishment is of no use

    Teachers do hit Children.Because they don't do their homework or don't sit quiet. That is what the fuss is about, like teachers just find chances to beat children. Or we could finish this whole thing. I mean why can't they just quietly talk sense into them or at the maximum just scold them. Why use corporal punishment? I am totally in the favour of its ban

  • It does more harm than good.

    Schools are supposed to be a safe, healthy environment, which isn't the case to begin with because of bad students, so teachers are supposed to be someone they can go to for help. But if the student starts to fear the teacher then school will no longer be seen as a safe place at all. Hitting a child isn't going to get them to respect you, it's going to get the child to fear you. Hitting someone can cause not only physical damage, but psychological damage as well. Corporal punishment should be banned. No doubt about it.

  • Corporal punishment in school is horrible

    It is horrible that teachers should hit and injure children for doing something wrong. It makes absolutely no sense at all! It could affect the student or damage them for the rest of their life. There are so many other ways to punish or discipline a child (like grounding), but there is no reason to hurt them.

  • I'm totally against it

    My honest opinion is I totally agree with the people who are against corporal punishment. It is totally un necessary. And to think that a child's teacher is hitting them just makes me sick. If it were my child I would immediately take my child out of that school and report the teacher.

  • Corporal punishment is abuse

    The general idea of hitting a human, especially with a paddle, is assault if done to an adult, or child abuse if done to a child at home. Hitting children would instill in them that violence is an acceptable way to get what you want, and will come to school in fear.

  • Corporal punishment is immoral and should be banned.

    Corporal punishment should not occur no matter what the circumstances are in schools. It needs to be banned due to the mental and physical effects that it has on the children. Students should not have to go to school in fear that they are going to be hit as a form of punishment.

  • Corporal Punishment Is A Bad Idea For Schools Hands Down

    Through my prospective corporal punishment related disciplines in school do not improve school safety, learning, or behavior. It can cause a student to get hurt or may make their behavior worse. It can also bring back memories to those who have had a history of being abused by parents. It can really affect the brain and damage a student. Who knows they could have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. ( PTSD.) I strive to stop corporal punishment from being aloud at schools. It just isn't the right way. There are many other ways to discipline,and I know it isn't corporal punishment.

  • Children get hurt

    Kids will not go to school if they get punished in a physical way. Many children don't go to school because they are to scared to get hurt. I don't want to see children getting hurt from being hit by their teachers. The kids are innocent they don't need to be punished.

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