Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword Easy Essay Score

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Pen Is Mightier Than Sword Essay

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Pen Is Mightier Than Sword Essay

Pen Mightier Than Sword Essay

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The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword Brook Hill School Tyler Tx

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  • Sword Is Mightier

    Yes the sword is mightier because do you think Hitler would have not had the war if someone had written him a letter (with a pen) would he have stopped? No there would have been someone possibly continuing up his work today. But with the sword (or in the wars case Guns and Bombs) it stopped and we are able to live in a free country to this very day.

  • Action's speak louder than words

    Their I have just stated a confilcting quote. Who's author at least once in his life lived by it.This pen quotes author I can assure you did not test his theory. Now step int the ring with a few men holding a blades. You alone with your self righteousness one mans ideals against the world mind set and a pen.Hell I will even break from the quote and give you a sheet of paper. Who wins? Well many will say that's not fair "that's not its context! "We are talking long term" ok here I will give you 3 years to write the greatest speech ever writen and with this you must sway a group of people 1/4 of which is armed and has different views from you now you must sway the crowed and convence a good amount of the armed men to either lay down their arms or help your said which ever you wish to happen after your speech. Ok so you give the speech and guess what not one armed man liked it in fact you stroked the foams of heat in them and they set out to kill you and your followers trust me 5 to one odds are winable if they are armed and you are not .And they kill you and their the pen loses. Oh wait you say you wrote a damn good speech in three years and they loved it so the pen won right? Well by that look you just won by right of might and as you can see in previous examples the pen by its self is not very
    fearful so did the pen win or did the pen just have more swords behind it than not?

  • Sword is Mightier Than the Pen

    Think about it this way. We tried to sign a peace treaty with Germany and Japan, but Japan kept on the onslaught, so what did we have to do? Take the sword and stab it into their heart (AKA the atomic bomb). This ended World War II almost instanly. On top of that, through out history many treaties have been broken leading to bloodshed. I mean take the Native Americans for example. We had a peace treaty with them multiple times about establishing how that was their land. What did we do though, we took it from them and in retalliation, the Native Americans attacked us.

  • The pen is not mighter than the sword because sword is powerful.

    Pen write words,for writing words it need support from ink.Pen is not self-dapendent.As we know sword is the fastest thing in war and easiest also,the sword kills people.In nepali community they put sword,khukuri etc in their bed,below the pilow.So, sword is mighter than a pen.
    Thanks for reading always thankful to you.

  • Sword is mightier

    War is about killing, and we are not doing enough of it. This is not rocket science. You look at a map of Iraq and ISIS’s zone of influence and you see right where to put the infantry/armor divisions to close them off and wipe them out once and for all. But the West won’t do it. We want to pretend that a few sorties a day to pick off random gun trucks is a substitute for an overwhelming, ruthless attack to take ground and wipe out anyone we find on it who isn’t a friend or surrendering.

  • The pen is dependent on the sword. However, the sword can always be mighty on its own.

    It is true, that a moving speech - a well fought argument, can riot people into action.

    But, the thing that truly solidifies the 'might' or power of the pen is the sword. The pen is nothing without the sword. How can the pen be mightier than something it depends on to be mighty?

    Words have no power if no one is willing to swing a sword.

    In contrast, a sword is perfectly capable, even without the pen.
    People, were never always literate. Even though, there was still violence, and there were still wars fought.

    In conclusion, the sword is mightier than the pen.

  • In my opinion, the sword is much more mightier

    The Pen relates to words, you say or write, while the sword being it's opposite is actions. I personally think Actions speak so much louder than words ever can, or will. Your actions, are like the gateway to your emotions. Seeing someones actions, is seeing the emotions in action. While with writing, you don't necessarily have to feel what you write, nor the words that escape your mouth. Take the phrase "I'm sorry" for example. Those two simple words, don't prove that, thats how you truly feel. Especially not when you do the action, or say the thing you were sorry for again. You prove thats how you Feel with ACTIONS. If there isn't actions to your words, there empty, and have no meaning. What would be the point in your words? This all leads, back to what I said before, Actions are louder than words are. Even if it's through violence, it shows someones emotions. In the end, there is no right or wrong answer though, it more or less depends on the situation.

  • I thing that we all know that pen is mightier than sword!!

    As we all know that Gandhi Ji fought without any weapon. And these days only those are empowered those are educated and education also represents behaviour that is very very important for everyone . In earlier wars also we had strategies. So I sum up by saying PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN SWORD.

  • The sword is mightier than the pen.

    Both pen and sword could be use in positive and negative things. On
    positive sides, The pen could be use if you're dealing with diplomats, and law-abiding citizens, but on the negative sides, It could also be use for forgery, power of attorney etc. Same with the sword, The sword could be use as a protector, and liberator, but on the negative sides also It could be use for killings and hurting people, It depends on who are using those things whether it is a pen or a sword, Both can be use in positive or negative ways. Both are mighty but I will choose the sword
    as the mightier than the pen.

  • Sword is mightier

    Imagine a battlefield. Your enemy is a knight with a sword that shines brightly in the light. You have two options: fight with the pen or the sword. Yeah, you can write gay fanfiction with a pen, but can it stab a human clean through the middle? It may stab a human, but by no means will it be clean. At least with a sword, you stand a chance. You don't even have to use the sword for offence. It can so easily be used for defending yourself

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